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As a professional translator bound by the Code of Ethics, I adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality when it comes to my work. I have worked on hundreds of projects over the last decade. These include transcription, subtitling, translation across French, English, Hindi and Marathi, as well as proofreading, editing, localization and cross-cultural content creation. My clients include individuals, collectives, non-profit organizations, media and publishing houses as well as corporate multinationals.

Below you will find a representative selection of some of my work that is in the public domain. 

Ellora Harsh cover_edited.jpg

Ellora and the Runes of Regeneration


'Ellora and the Runes of Regeneration' is a young-adult fantasy fiction novel written by French author Valérie Gaudart. It follows the adventures of Indian-born protagonist Ellora Tradag, who finds herself suddenly transported through the magical Worlds of Air, Water, Earth and Fire to discover that she has hidden powers of her own. I translated the entire book from French to English to help it reach a global audience. 


Seva - Sikh Secrets on how to be good in the real world


For this popular book published by Juggernaut, I worked closely with Sikh author Jasreen Mayal Khanna as developmental editor on the manuscript. I helped her distill her extensive research and divide it into digestible chapters—each centred around a single rule—with the view to making the final product a practical yet easy and grounding read. The book currently has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon. View


Book Review


'These, Our Bodies, Possessed by Light' is the debut novel of Indian writer Dharini Bhaskar and has been longlisted for the 2020 JCB Prize for Literature. I wrote a short, early review of the book for The Free Press Journal. It tells the story of three generations of women in dense prose interspersed with lyrical passages drawing from mythology. View

Decline and Fall of Neoliberalism_edited

Decline and Fall of Neoliberalism


This academic book published by Routledge is an in-depth analysis of the intellectual underpinnings of neoliberalism and its future in a context of economic and social upheaval. I helped the author, French economist David Cayla, on the English translation of this timely book, providing extensive editorial assistance and critical inputs so that it could be a clear and natural reflection of the French original. View


Canada in India - Season 2


'Canada in India' is a podcast hosted by Annie Dubé, the Consul General of Canada in India, featuring interesting personalities connecting the two countries. I translate the English transcripts of these conversations into French for their website. View


Film Review


'Dhadak' is the Hindi remake of the acclaimed Marathi blockbuster 'Sairat', directed by Nagraj Manjule. I wrote a long-form critique of the two films for the Sunday cultural edition of The Herald, Goa. In it, I argue, by using translation as a metaphor, that the remake dilutes the damning social commentary of the original. View

Film Review

Condé Nast Leh-Ladakh


As part of the Condé Nast India special edition on Kashmir, I wrote the guide to Ladakh's desert mountain capital Leh and surrounding tourist attractions. I was delighted to be able to combine my love for travel and writing in a project on one of my favourite destinations in India. View




Photographer Martial Couderette followed a group of Burmese Lethwei fighters over several years. I translated from French to English the text accompanying the beautiful black and white photographs that resulted from this long cultural immersion. My English translation also served as the base text for further translation into Burmese, as the final photobook is trilingual. Buy the book!  View

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A mineral dialogue: Bach and the Dolomites


Founded in 2008, Bachtrack is the largest site for live classical music, featuring live events, recordings and reviews from classical music specialists in 4 major European languages. I translated French editor Nicolas Schotter's review of a cello performance in the Dolomites festival into English for the site.  View


Condé Nast Kashmir edition


Condé Nast India is a leading travel and lifestyle magazine. They brought me on board as consultant copy editor for a special issue on Kashmir. My tasks involved commissioning and interacting with article authors, editing copy and proofreading the final layout. View


Academic translation

2017 - ongoing

Paris-based IDDRI is one of Europe's leading think tanks and research centres on sustainable development. I have translated from French to English their policy briefs, scientific publications and annual reports. Through this collaboration, I have honed my technical translation skills while deepening my understanding of a subject that is close to my heart. View


Seed War


'La Guerre des Graines' is a hard-hitting political documentary on the monopolization and diminishing genetic diversity of agricultural seeds, directed by Clément Montfort and Stenka Quillet. As it was filmed partly in India, I was commissioned to subtitle the Hindi and Marathi dialogues into French. View

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