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"Every act of communication is an act of translation."

What I do

I'm a French–English translator with over a decade of professional experience in both France and India. With expertise across a range of sectors, I am available on a project basis. A published writer, I also offer editing and proofreading services to my clients.


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Translation is not about simply transforming words from one language into another, but also about communicating the intent, emotion, style, and culture of the author.


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I enjoy writing poetry, autobiographical fiction, and love to watch and analyse films. I have performed my writing at Spoken Word events and been published in Paris and India.


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Writing and editing are skills that naturally underpin every translator's work. As an editor, I help refine the structure, style, meaning and impact of creative copy.


Pour la version anglaise de mon livre, j'ai été grandement aidé par Amruta, avec qui les discussions ne se sont jamais limitées à des questions de vocabulaire ou de syntaxe, mais ont aussi touché au fond texte. La version anglaise est sans doute un peu meilleure que la version française, en fin de compte, car elle a profité d'une maturation plus longue et d'échanges de la part d'une traductrice exigeante et très pro !

David Cayla

Auteur, 'Déclin et Chute du Néolibéralisme'

Some of the brands and organisations I have had the pleasure of working for:

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My love for discovering other worlds and cultures fuels this blog. I write about movies from India and around the world, post my creative writing, and offer English translations of cultural discourse from across French media.

Writing on Medium

My long-form writing on film can be found on Medium, where I take the time to offer in-depth analysis on some of the movies and series I watch.


I enjoy photography and have trained under experts in the field. My natural instinct for observation finds expression in this pursuit and enriches my approach to my professional work.

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